• Ultrasound
    Our most popular method is Ultrasonic inspection. Be it Computerized Data Acquisition or scanning fine details by hand, we do it all. We also do immersion testing for parts with complex geometry.
  • Radiography
    Have delicate parts, or non standard materials? We have skilled techs that can handle any size job. our Techs are not only trained in film but also now offer Digital Radiography, for the fastest turn times and superior image quality.
  • Magnetic Particle
    Have finished pieces that are ferrous and require inspection? Need a part de-magnetized? Look no further! our techs can handle a wide spectrum of sizes and materials!
  • Penetrant
    Penetrant inspection is a very useful method in many industries like petrochemical, aviation and amusement. We use florescent dyes to detect surface flaws and imperfections.

Just a few of the companies we regularly work with.

No company is too large and no job is too small. NDT is a way to increase production and further the confidence you provide to your end users. We work with a wide range of specs, materials, and quantities.

Wide range of applications

Our services span many industries; from Aviation, Petrochemical, Space travel, Amusement, or personal pet projects. Many industries are requiring inspection. Why do it yourself? Rely on one of the largest labs in the south to walk you through the process. Contact us today, we can help.

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